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2021.07.10 | IASO,IASO Bio,IASO Biotherapeutics,IASO Biopharma,CT103A, CAR-T, cell therapy,dual-targeted CAR-T

Statement of Use

Welcome to the corporate website of IASO BIO. All the information in this website is only for the purpose of general information and education. Before visiting this website, please read the following terms of use carefully. Your behavior of visiting of this website implies that you have already read, understood and agreed to apply with terms of use. If you do not agree with terms of use, you are not allowed to visit this website.

1. Visit the Website

The information provided by this website is only for the purpose of general information and education. Some of the contents are designed for specific user groups, including the employees, customers and shareholders of Boan, healthcare practitioners, and the public. Your visit of the website information is to be bound by the terms of use. Your visit of this website implies that you have already agreed to accept the terms of use without restriction or conditions.

2. Content

We will make efforts to publish accurate and up-to-date information on this website, however, we do not make any form of guarantee or take any responsibility toward its accuracy, timeliness or completeness. You have agreed to visit this website, which means you are willing to bear any risks that the contents might produce. IASO BIO does not acknowledge that it has made or implied any form of guarantee, including warranty of merchantability with a specific purpose. IASO BIO, or any other parties that might be involved in the design, making or publishing of the website, shall not take responsibilities for the loss that caused by the visit of the website, or any mistake or omission of its contents. This includes but is not limited to direct, accidental, indirect, or punitive compensations. The restriction also includes any loss that caused by viruses of computer equipment.

3. Compensation

If you violate any regulations in the terms of use, you have to agree to compensate for all the relevant losses, expenses, reparations, and proper lawyer fees to IASO BIO, its employees and third party partners, to safeguard the interests of IASO BIO.

4. Right of Privacy

IASO BIO has respect for the right of privacy of all the website users. Please refer to the policy of protecting the right of privacy by IASO BIO.

5. Third Party Websites and Links

This website contains a few links that relate to other websites managed by third parties. The purpose of the links is only for your convenience. IASO BIO does not make any form of guarantee or take any responsibility toward its accuracy, timeliness or completeness, and it has no liability for any loss or damage caused by these contents.

6. Medical Information

This website contains some general information on various medical conditions and treatment methods, which is only provided as knowledge sharing and should not be considered as a replacement of consulting physicians or other qualified medical professionals. You should not use the information in this website for diagnosis of any healthcare problems or diseases.

7. Unclassified Information

According to the relevant terms and conditions stipulated in the privacy policy, unclassified information refers to any information or material that you send to us via E-mail, or other internet pathways, or post on the website, such as questions, comments, suggestions, etc... IASO BIO has no responsibility to protect such information.

8. Trademark

All the product names on this website, whether appeared with large print or with trademark logos, are all registered trademarks belong to IASO BIO and its key products. Unless allowed, the use or misuse of trademarks and other materials is prohibited, which might also violate copyright law, trademark law, criminal law and the protection of the right of privacy, etc.

9. Copyright

All the contents on this website are protected by copyright law, unless they are used for non-commercial personal reference, under the premise of retaining all the copyright and other claims. Otherwise, the contents on this website shall not be copied or replicated. Besides, none of the information, texts, or documents shall be copied, demonstrated, downloaded, broadcasted, rewrote, replicated, republished or forwarded though E-mail or in the form of hard copies, unless written permission is acquired.

10. Scope of Application of the Clause

This website and its contents conform to the laws and regulations of China. The website information can be accessed by people outside of China, but it might contain some information that can only apply to local conditions in China. Products or services provided is invalid in areas where their use is prohibited.

11. Applicable Law

This statement and your personal use of this website are both bound by Chinese law. Any litigation related to this website will be submitted to the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in Beijing for a decision.

12. Other Matters

If any regulation in this statement is illegal, invalid, or unsupported, these regulations can be separated and do not affect the implementation of other regulations. IASO BIO reserves the right to modify or delete the contents on this website at any time according to its own wishes.

Disclaimer on Healthcare Information

All the healthcare related information on this website is only for the purpose of education, and shall not be considered as a replacement of consulting healthcare institutions. Any patient treatment decision should be made based on the specific situation of the patient, together with medical institutions.

Statement on Product Information

Product information provided by this website is only for Chinese residents. Products mentioned might have different labeling in different countries.