Technology Platforms

We have a well-established end-to-end R&D platform and proprietary manufacturing site, so we can foster research of innovative drugs in a sustainable way and efficiently advance clinical development

Fully human antibody discovery platform(IMARS)

Fully human antibodies with low immunogenicity and fast development cycles

A high-quality library with a capacity to contain over 240 billion antibodies

A fully synthetic antibody library to enhance drugability of antibodies

A fully human single-domain antibody library for dual-targeted CAR T cells/bispecific antibodies

The platform serves 20 internal projects, with 4 candidates now in clinical development

High-throughput screening platform for CAR-T candidates

Cutting-edge single cell analysis and NGS technology

High-throughput functional screening of CAR-T lead candidates

The technology platform fully evaluates the cell phenotype and function of CAR-T candidates

Significantly shorten the screening cycle

Universal CAR-T technology platform

Original allogeneic CAR-T cell technology with proprietary intellectual property rights

To be used in combination with existing universal CAR-T strategies

Applicable to a variety of immune cells derived from T, NK, NKT, and iPSC

No need for expensive preprocessing, with simple application scenarios

Manufacturing technology platform

All core technical team members previously worked with leading biopharma companies

Rich expertise in biological research and development, manufacturing and quality control

An efficient and controllable end-to-end manufacturing and verification platform for plasmids, lentiviral vectors and CAR-T cells

GMP manufacturing facilities covering early 10,000 square meters

Manufacturing capacity of 3,000 CAR-T cell products per year

Clinical and translational research platform

Strong relations with research-oriented doctors and opinion leaders

Our medical team has extensive clinical experience in cell therapies

A joint laboratory with a leading top-tier Chinese hospital

Candidates can quickly enter the stage of clinical and translational research

Quickly obtain early clinical proof of concept